Doker_Street took my tram license for 14 days.

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My nickname: Tomislav_Lyubenov

Admin nickname: Doker_Street

Complaint: As you can see in the video I am taking a green light with a tram as Doker_Street stops in the middle of the rails, I am not stopping because usually trams have advantage over other traffic (Look at screenshot chat). I am hitting him as well as an afk guy then he removes my license. I just want to say that I don't have to slow down and he should not be on the rails (especially in the middle) because other traffic than trams have to clear the way for the tram. If I'm not getting anything right fine, but if im innocent I want my license back. This happened on 07.06.2018 (timestamp in the video).

Screenshot: / /





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First of all, your main mistake was that you did not slow down before the intersection.

Moreover, you did not even try to do it, which is evident in your speed.

Also, you did not take care  what traffic light signal will be at the intersection. And you went with fast speed without any worries.

If you did not go at such a fast speed, controlled the situation, and saw a BMW passing the intersection, then the ram would not have happened.

You should be glad that you received only 2 weeks of dismissal instead of 1 month without a game.


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